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What’s The Big Deal About Interlocks Anyway?

We’ve all heard of the term “interlock” as a method to bring teams together for goal alignment, project handoff or just to get something done.  This concept has been around for a while.

What shocks me is that while this tends to happen across the teams that are designated part of “Customer Success,” it rarely extends outside of these teams.

So what?

So what, you say?  When was the last time your Customer Success Manager increased the priority of a feature on the roadmap?  How often does your Renewals team engage with your Engineering team on why people are (or aren’t) renewing?

The Customer Success interlocks of today cannot be exclusive to those organizations designated to be under the Customer Success “umbrella” – this is the fastest way to have a repeat of kitchen sink license contracts of the past.  In our experience, we’ve learned establishing the following Four Key Interlocks become a rallying point for the various organizations who own steps in your Customer Journey:

  • Sellability
  • Deliverability
  • Consumability
  • Supportability

Contact us to learn more about the recommended membership, cadences and artifacts that make these interlocks a cornerstone of your Customer Success Strategy and scale!