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Customer Success That Scales With You

We are a team of professionals who have built and scaled Customer Success organizations at companies with revenue growth from $100k to $100M to $1B and beyond.  We’ve combined this expertise to solve the three biggest problems facing Customer Success teams today – more on this later.

Customer Success doesn’t have to be difficult – the reality is, the concept has not been around that long and there are several different approaches to take.  Are you a hardware, software or services company?  Do you have a subscription model?  How much intelligence can you reap from your install base?  Which methods do you use?  Do you leverage partners?  How does your install base strategy compare to your prospecting strategy?

All of these dimensions and more inform the framework of your Customer Success Strategy and how it will define elements like your Customer Journey, Key Interlocks and Customer Advocacy Programs.  Let’s touch base and see where we can help!

So, what are the three biggest challenges facing almost every company developing a Customer Success program or strategy today?  Check out our 100andUp Insights Blog for that and more!


Our team

Our Experience Is The Difference

Alex Hesterberg, Founder & CEO

Alex has been building Customer Success and Services organizations at rapidly growing companies across the technology landscape for over a decade. He has been directly responsible for launching world-class Professional Services, Customer Support, Technical Training & Certification and Renewals teams at several high-growth companies (e.g. Riverbed Technology, Sailthru, Pure Storage and Turbonomic) - many of them through $100M to $1B+.

Most importantly, he scaled critical customer-facing teams during periods of hyper-growth and experienced first-hand the limitations of Customer Success approaches today. By creating methods to evolve Customer Journey, building a plan for introducing Customer Success Automation and forging Key Interlocks between customer-facing and non customer-facing teams, Alex has designed a framework to effectively scale Customer Success to and through hyper-growth.


How Can We Help?

Let's Define Your Customer Success Strategy Together

Is your Customer Journey clear and can you measure progress?  We work with you to define (and refine) every step of your Customer Journey as you scale.


Do each of your teams know their role in your Customer’s Success?  We align your teams around common goals and rewards that drive the optimal customer experience.


Are you capitalizing on engagement opportunities like your Customer Advisory Board?  Turn the investment of your Customer Advisory Board into your next growth platform.

Start your journey with the 100andUp!


100andUp Insights Blog

We're Committed To Sharing What We Learn

The 100andUp Insights Blog

It often takes time for the pieces to come together - like a puzzle or interlocking joints. The 100andUp team use the Insights Blog to share knowledge, practices, challenges and wisdom we come across in our day-to-day. Stay tuned, enjoy and we look forward to reading your feedback!

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