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The Three Biggest Challenges With Customer Success Today

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The rise of Software As A Service and Subscriptions gave a new path for customers to consume technology, and a new set of challenges for the vendors serving those customers.  Kitchen sink hardware/software deals are dying, subscription/consumption/renewals are the new kings of the castle.  But how do we shift our organizations to cater to the new evaluation and purchasing rubrik?

Customer Success was the initial answer and SO much has been created around this space in the last 5 years (tools, technology, practices) that you’d think every angle would be covered.  However, with all of the work that has gone into this space, there are still three (3) fundamental challenges with Customer Success today.

(but don’t worry – I’ve also given you an idea of how we work together to solve each challenge!)

Problem #1:  Most Customer Success methods are generic.  In order to take advantage of them, your teams need to heavily invest in customizing your approach (or the method itself).
Solution: 100andUp has tools and methods easily tailored to your size and objectives (e.g. defining your Customer Journey).

Problem #2:  In order to fit a purchase process, Customer Success technology companies often only target a narrow group of users within your organization. This approach typically ignores the customer-facing dependencies between lines of business.
Solution: 100andUp defines the Customer Success Interlocks between all of your teams, including engagement cadence, artifacts and incentives.

Problem #3:  The practices made available are often focused on a point-in-time in your Customer Success strategy.  This limited focus does not take into consideration required changes as your business scales.
Solution: 100andUp partners with your Customer Success team to build a plan for scale – including when to modify compensation plans and how to introduce or evolve your Customer Advisory Board.

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